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Mature Driver Course

Staying mobile is important to the lifestyle of today’s seniors. Growing older doesn’t mean you have to give up driving. No one loses his or her driver’s license because of age.

We at All Seasons Driving School believe that driving should be enjoyable experience at all ages each person should be responsible for his actions. Ontario’s roads are among the safest in North America so it’s important that every road user makes road safety a personal responsibility. If you’re a senior driver, you may benefit from taking a driving course to help you stay on the road as long as you can.

Courses Include:

  • Private in –car Lesson
  • Each lesson is one hour
  • Male and female instructors are available
  • Lessons available 7days a week: mornings and evenings
  • FREE pick-up and drop-off
  • City and highway driving
  • Skills Parking skills
  • Defensive Driving techniques
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